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Protect your plugholes from unwanted smells! Pop a bit of Buster Clean and Fresh Citrus Gel down the plughole for long lasting freshness. Available here: https://t.co/hgWJq4T3Pu https://t.co/K4ZSAw7vLH BusterProducts photo

"Cleaning plugholes is up there with my most hated cleaning jobs, which is why I am so excited to have stumbled across Buster Plughole Unblocker! It does the job for me and works FAST!" - @jemmaloi https://t.co/4N6JYaAaGU BusterProducts photo

Have your plugholes been coping during the school holidays? Now the kids are back to school, now's the time to give those plugholes a deep clean! The Buster Block Preventer works to give your U-bends a deep clean in those tricky to reach spots! https://t.co/hgWJq4T3Pu https://t.co/GXxAE9M6zt BusterProducts photo

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