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Faced with a blockage in the kitchen sink? Don’t panic! Simply scoop out as much standing water as possible before pouring an entire bottle of Buster Kitchen Unblocker down the plughole. Leave to work for 20 minutes, then flush with lots of hot water. #KeepItFlowing https://t.co/jUj7k81QXa

Use the Buster Clean & Fresh Citrus Active Gel which coats the pipe with its long-lasting formula and eliminates those nasty odours leaving your plugholes and drain pipes, clean and fresh. Order yours online here: https://t.co/94ZBSfc0dd https://t.co/MtU1IBQSBO

With an increased focus on personal hygiene, and many people now working from home, our bathrooms are being used more than ever - but bathroom cleanliness goes deeper than you’d think. Clean and healthy homes mean clean and healthy plumbing too. #TrustBuster https://t.co/TpzltBE8VH

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