Plughole Deep Clean Foamer

  • Prevents blockages in bathrooms & kitchens
  • Protects against build-up
  • Foam expands to deep clean the entire pipe & overflow
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  • Foam expands to fill the pipe to prevent the build-up of debris
  • For use in all plugholes, pipes & overflows
  • Use weekly in the kitchen & bathrooms

From preparing food to washing the dog or dirty trainers, a lot of debris ends up being washed down the plughole which builds-up over time leading to that dreaded blockages. Plugholes and pipes are notoriously hard to clean and a glug of bleach just won’t reach all areas of the pipe and overflow needed to maintain and keep your pipes flowing freely.

How to use

To deep clean plugholes and overflows

  • Step 1.

    Simply squirt into plughole or overflow until foam fills the pipe. Also use around the sink, bath or shower surfaces
  • Step 2.

    Leave to work for 30 minutes
  • Step 3.

    Flush with hot water

Trouble unblocking?

Try our Deep Clean Foamer FAQs.

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Unique Diactive foam expands to fill the entire pipe reaching those, deep cleaning to prevent build-up of gunge and trapped debris in plugholes, pipes & overflows. Suitable for kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers and baths.

Use weekly in plugholes and overflows for a deep clean and to prevent the build-up that cause slow draining water and bad odours.

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Buster Plughole Deep Clean Foamer is available online and in stores throughout New Zealand

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